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How to maintain nitrogen generator in summer?

2020-09-22 H:20:22

Daily maintenance of nitrogen generator in summer: supply normal power, air source, temperature conditions and nitrogen generator, especially to stabilize power supply voltage, normal opening and closing power supply reduces the damage of power supply to controller and solenoid valve; pay attention to the pressure of air storage tank, and keep the pressure of air storage tank between 0.6 MPa and 0.8 MPa, not lower than the rated value.

Check the automatic drain every day to avoid blockage and loss of drainage effect. If it is blocked, the automatic drain can be disassembled and cleaned. Then open the manual valve slightly and close the self drain valve. Wash and drain automatically with soap foam.

Check the three pressure gauges on the nitrogen generator regularly. During equipment failure analysis, daily pressure change record shall be established, flow meter and nitrogen purity shall be observed at any time to maintain nitrogen purity of waste gas. Regularly check the refrigeration effect of the dryer to avoid carbon molecular sieve poisoning caused by nitrogen produced in water

According to the requirements of actual equipment specifications, carry out routine maintenance, check the sensitivity of solenoid valve / pneumatic valve at any time, check the pressure range of pressure regulating valve, the accuracy of gas analyzer, the compression of suction tower, exhaust state of muffler, and the cleanliness of inner pipe of flowmeter.

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