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What problems should be paid attention to when using nitrogen making equipment?

2021-02-20 H:59:19

Nitrogen production equipment usually uses compressed air as raw material, and uses a kind of high-performance adsorbent called carbon molecular sieve to selectively absorb nitrogen to directly produce nitrogen. Pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production machine usually uses two parallel absorbers, which control the opening and closing of pneumatic valve through PLC program controller, alternately operate pressure adsorption and decompression regeneration operation, continuously supply raw material air and continuously produce nitrobenzene What problems should we pay attention to when using nitrogen production equipment?

1. Check the reliability of safety devices regularly.

2. Remove all pressure components and make sure the whole system is pressure free.

3. The maintenance of nitrogen production equipment must be carried out under the condition of shutdown or power failure.

4. When starting the nitrogen making equipment, the exhaust valve should be in an empty state to avoid overpressure of the air compressor.

5. Nitrogen production equipment needs to be transported in sections. The equipment shall be stable during transportation and collision is strictly prohibited.

6. Before operating the nitrogen making equipment, the opening of the hose must be fixed to prevent the hose from hurting people.

7. Do not weld near the oil system. It is not possible to modify any pressure vessel by welding or other means.

8. Before start-up, check the whole nitrogen making equipment carefully to make sure that there are no tools, parts or other objects in the air compressor.

The above is in the use of nitrogen production equipment should pay attention to the matter, if there is anything you do not understand can communicate with our customers, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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