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Matters needing attention of adsorption dryer

2021-03-29 H:03:47

The dew point temperature causes moisture in the gas as follows:

1. Inlet temperature: the normal suction dryer inlet temperature is lower than 45 degrees, under the same conditions, the moisture content increases by 30% every 5 degrees, the dew point increases by about 10 degrees, and the adsorbent whose inlet temperature is higher than 60 degrees loses its adsorption capacity.

2. Regeneration capacity: the regeneration capacity of normal equipment does not exceed the rated capacity, the temperature of regeneration capacity is between 125-160 ℃, no heat 15%, slight heat 6%.

Many enterprises only have hand valve control, normal operation can't be adjusted at will, because the instantaneous flow of regeneration gas of micro heat dryer can't be too small, otherwise it will reduce the heat transfer efficiency of regeneration gas, cause local overheating or no heat, uneven heating will damage the performance of adsorbent, too small flow is easy to form tunnel effect due to short circuit of air flow through the adsorption layer, and can't evenly heat transfer and effective adsorption.

3. Oil content: the oil content in the intake compressed air should be controlled below 0.01 mg / m3. If the oil content is too large, it is easy to cause adsorbent poisoning and affect the adsorption performance. Before drying, install the oil removal filter, regularly observe whether the water outlet is normal. The lower the inlet temperature of the filter, the better. If the temperature is 66 ℃, the filter will fail.

4. Moisture: when sucking the air into the machine, reduce the air inlet temperature as much as possible, install air storage tank, vapor-liquid separator, cold dryer, oil filter, etc., and pay attention to regularly check whether the drainage is normal!

5. It should be noted that the ambient temperature should not exceed 45 degrees as far as possible. If the ambient temperature is too high, the adsorbent temperature in the adsorption tower will be too high, affecting the adsorption effect! Maintain air circulation, filter element, adsorbent normal maintenance, muffler exhaust is unobstructed, exhaust channel blockage will lead to premature aging adsorbent can not be regenerated!

6. High energy efficiency, high standard, high quality service and professional service.

7. Regularly check the control valve, frequent switching, long-term moisture and adsorbent off, easy to damage the valve!

8. After closing, the inlet and outlet valves must be closed to prevent the adsorbent from adsorbing the moisture in the gas storage tank or pipeline without use, resulting in the rise of dew point temperature in the next work.

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