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Function analysis of main engine gas storage tank of nitrogen generator.

2021-05-27 H:42:14

When it comes to the gas tank, we all think that the bigger the gas tank, the better. This can effectively reduce the frequency of restarting the host, reduce the damage of instantaneous current to the equipment circuit, and extend the service life of the gas tank. In addition to the effect of gas storage, the gas storage tank is also the action and energy saving equipment of nitrogen generator. The nitrogen generator adsorption tower is switched every minute, and the pressure rise time of each switch is only 1-2 seconds, which means that the instantaneous gas consumption is very large. If there is no buffer effect of the air tank, a large amount of compressed air will directly enter the nitrogen generator system, which cannot be treated immediately. Therefore, a large amount of water and oil contained in the compressed air will inevitably lead to the poisoning of molecular sieve in the nitrogen generator. Shorten the service life of molecular sieve, reduce the gas production rate, increase the use cost of users. If there is an air tank, the compressed air here will stay for a period of time, which can precipitate impurities, moisture and other foreign matters in the air, reduce the temperature of the compressed air, and deliver higher quality compressed air. At the same time, it can also ensure that the compressed air pressure is maintained at a good set value, and stable pressure can be obtained by using the air system, which is very necessary for the use of modern chemical plants.

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