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How does nitrogen produced by nitrogen generator keep food fresh?

2021-05-27 H:43:37

Due to direct or indirect contact with oxygen in the air, the food we eat will rot, which means that the existence of oxygen is an important external factor leading to food deterioration, which has a negative impact on food storage. Therefore, in order to extend the storage life of food, it is necessary to isolate the food from the oxygen in the air to avoid the oxidation of fat and the reproduction of microorganisms, so as to maintain its inherent commercial value. This is the principle of inflatable food packaging. For food, nitrogen is completely inert, it will not have any effect on the color, flavor, taste and other quality of food, and can well avoid the proliferation and reproduction of bacteria, yeast and mold, and avoid the spoilage caused by the harmful effect of these microorganisms on food. It can also effectively prevent the rancidity of oil in food, the oxidative decomposition of vitamin C, and the oxidative change of original color, greatly extend the shelf life of various perishable foods, and play a role in preservation.

The nitrogen generator can produce nitrogen on site. The flow, purity and pressure of nitrogen can be displayed online in real time, and the flow, pressure and purity alarms can be set. The advanced control system makes the operation more simple and convenient. It can realize real unattended operation and on duty. It can realize remote automatic control and real-time monitoring of various working conditions to ensure the stability of nitrogen flow, purity and pressure.

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