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Precautions for regular maintenance of nitrogen generator system

2021-07-23 H:02:07

1. The regular maintenance of nitrogen generator is to replace air filter, oil filter, oil core and wheel oil regularly.

2. The regular maintenance of the air-cooled dryer is mainly to regularly purge the radiator, clean the sewage outlet, and maintain the dryer in strict accordance with the regular maintenance methods and measures recommended by the dryer manufacturer.

3. The regular maintenance of precision filter is mainly to replace the filter element regularly according to the service condition. If the pressure difference of the filter is too large, the filter element should be replaced in time. The filter can be maintained by referring to the regular maintenance methods and measures recommended by the filter manufacturer. It is recommended to replace it every 6000 hours.

4. The replacement cycle of activated carbon filter mainly depends on the actual use. If the system pressure drops too much, it may be that the activated carbon is immersed in water, and it should be replaced in time. The replacement cycle is generally 6000-8000 hours.

5. Check the calibration of oxygen analyzer once a month. If the oxygen content is found to be higher than the rated value, consider whether the service life of the oxygen probe is due. If so, replace the oxygen probe in time. The recommended replacement period is one year. Other accessories depend on actual use. If there is any problem, replace it in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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