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Necessity and function of buffer tank of nitrogen generator

2021-07-31 H:08:41

In the nitrogen generation system, the buffer tanks are air buffer tank and nitrogen buffer tank, both of which play a necessary role.

1. Necessity and function of air buffer tank:

Maintain stable supply pressure. The nitrogen absorption tower is switched once every minute, and each switching takes only 1 ~ 2 seconds of pressure rise time, which means that the instantaneous gas consumption is large. When there is no air cushion, the compressed air directly enters the nitrogen generator, and the front stage air purification system of the nitrogen generator cannot complete a large amount of compressed air in an instant. In this way, a large amount of compressed air containing water and oil directly enters the adsorption tower of the nitrogen generator, which will inevitably cause molecular sieve poisoning, shorten the service life of the molecular sieve, reduce the gas production rate and increase the user's use cost.

2. Function of nitrogen buffer tank:

Ordinary production enterprises will replace the nitrogen buffer tank with nitrogen storage tank behind the nitrogen generator, or there is no nitrogen distribution device directly. This practice is not advisable, and the nitrogen buffer tank needs to be configured separately. The mixture of nitrogen with different purity is obtained from the nitrogen generator. The purity of nitrogen can not be obtained in the middle stage at the initial and later stages of nitrogen production. In order to avoid the fluctuation of nitrogen purity, a nitrogen buffer tank shall be configured to make the nitrogen purification reach a stable state. According to the characteristics of PSA process, rapid pressure equalization, rapid venting and stable gas flow are required. In the process of nitrogen production, the buffer tank will supplement nitrogen to the adsorption tower, which can reduce the consumption of compressed air and quickly obtain nitrogen meeting the purity requirements. If nitrogen storage tank is used instead, on the one hand, the pressure of nitrogen tank will fluctuate, on the other hand, it will also affect the purity of nitrogen generator and later gas consumption.

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