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ZBO oxygen generator

2020-10-15 17:17:19
ZBO oxygen generator
Detailed introduction:

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1、 Process flow:

After compressed by the air compressor, the air enters the compressed air purification system to remove oil, water and impurities, and then enters the oxygen generation system. After adsorption and removal of nitrogen by PSA pressure swing adsorption process, hydrogen and nitrogen are separated to produce oxygen. Oxygen flows into the oxygen buffer tank for buffering and then enters the oxygen booster. After being pressurized to the rated pressure, the oxygen enters into the charging bottle filling device, one for standby and one for use The oxygen cylinder can be filled continuously.

2、 Technical features

The imported special pneumatic angle seat valve has a service life of more than 3 million times; the Siemens PLC intelligent program controller is used, which is easy to operate and stable in operation; the oxygen can produce gas quickly, the purity is stable, full-automatic control, stable performance and easy operation; it can start and stop at any time, flexibly control the number of filling bottles, reduce energy consumption; a variety of fault diagnosis, alarm and processing functions.

3、 Technical indicators oxygen output: 1 ~ 400nm 3 / h oxygen purity: 93 ± 2% oxygen pressure: 15.0mpa oxygen dew point: ≤ - 42 ℃

4、 Main technical parameters

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