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Design and structure characteristics of pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator

2020-11-19 H:33:34

(1) Reasonable height diameter ratio of the adsorption tower ensures the uniform distribution and flow rate of compressed air in the adsorption tower, the pressure gradient and purity gradient in the adsorption tower, ensures the final nitrogen index, and improves the utilization rate of molecular sieve.

(2) Adsorption tower structure:

(A) Air distribution: compressed air can pass through molecular sieve without dead angle, which improves the utilization rate of molecular sieve. Especially when preparing high purity nitrogen, the recovery rate (gas production rate) of molecular sieve itself is very low, so the utilization rate of molecular sieve is more important.

(B) Butterfly head: because the nitrogen generator is vented once a minute, when butterfly head is used, a very small upper and lower cavities will be formed in the adsorption tower, so the compressed air will be reduced each time, so as to reduce the consumption of compressed air, improve the utilization rate of air compressor and reduce energy consumption. At the same time, the cavity of butterfly head is used to improve the air distribution and further improve the benefit of molecular sieve Gas production rate and gas production rate.

(C) Internal treatment: after the internal manufacturing is completed, the inner wall is shot peened, and the inner surface is coated with epoxy resin to ensure that the gas discharged from the storage tank is clean. In addition, the corrosion of the tank itself is reduced.

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