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The following points should be paid attention to when using nitrogen making equipment correctly and safely

2020-09-22 H:00:18

1. It is necessary to transport the nitrogen generation system in sections. The equipment shall be kept stable during transportation and collision is strictly prohibited.

2. Check the whole nitrogen generation system carefully before starting up, and admit that there is nothing, parts or other objects left in the air compressor.

3. Before the operation of nitrogen generating equipment, the opening of the hose must be fixed firmly to prevent the hose from hurting people.

4. When starting the nitrogen generating equipment, the emptying valve should be in the emptying state to avoid overpressure of the air compressor.

5. To remove any pressurized components, it is necessary to ensure that the whole system is under no pressure.

6. Check the reliability of safety equipment (such as safety valve) on time.

7. It is necessary to protect and maintain the nitrogen generating equipment under the condition of shutdown and power failure.

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