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What is the effect of nitrogen generator on underground?

2020-09-22 H:10:18

Now the safety of underground operation is particularly important for the country, which is also related to the safety of miners. The main function of underground nitrogen generator is explosion-proof to avoid the harm of flammable and explosive gas.

Nitrogen is a kind of good inert gas, so in this respect, most mines use nitrogen generator to avoid dangerous and blocking harmful explosive gas. It can be seen that nitrogen generation opportunities will become necessary equipment in the future.

However, for underground mobile nitrogen generator, the national requirements are still quite strict. As the nitrogen generator is a complex equipment, there will be many risks in the gas production process. For example, other equipment of the air compressor will catch fire, so the scope of explosion-proof nitrogen generator is also involved.

Due to the strict requirements of the state on explosion-proof nitrogen generator, there are few domestic enterprises using explosion-proof nitrogen generator, the cost and equipment price are relatively high. However, there is another way to solve the problem of high cost, which is to select nitrogen from the well and put it into the ground, which can greatly reduce the cost and meet the relevant regulations.

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