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Why does leakage of liquid nitrogen have such

2020-09-22 H:40:18

1. The liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen primary tower and liquid nitrogen tank is liquid, and its density is very high relative to nitrogen.

2. In the case of pressure leakage, liquid nitrogen is directly in contact with the atmosphere, and the ambient temperature in the atmosphere is far higher than the boiling point of nitrogen, resulting in the instantaneous vaporization of liquid nitrogen into atmospheric nitrogen, and the volume expansion is hundreds of times.

3. In such an environment, the leaked nitrogen directly dilutes the oxygen in the air to less than 1%, resulting in suffocation of personnel near the leakage point, and excessive nitrogen will make nerve numbness.

In order to avoid the recurrence of tragedy, the following preventive measures can be taken in advance:

1. When the liquid nitrogen tower and liquid nitrogen tank are opened in the air, the ventilation demand is prominent.

2. Pay attention to safety during production of air separation plant. In case of leakage and error, evacuate as soon as possible.

3. Using the nitrogen generator, the nitrogen generated by the generator can be used as soon as it is generated, and its flow can meet the operation needs, but it will not have a great impact on the oxygen content in the air. Safe and reliable, stable flow, high purity.

4. Nitrogen generator can provide high purity nitrogen up to 99.9999%, which can be produced on demand. It has many advantages that traditional gas sources such as liquid nitrogen tower and Dewar bottle do not have. It is more convenient (no repeat order), safe (no leakage, no explosion risk), and economic (no continuous gas purchase cost).

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