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Selection of nitrogen purity index of nitrogen generator

2020-09-22 H:05:22

Everyone is familiar with nitrogen generator, which is a kind of nitrogen making equipment used more frequently in various industries of society. Each industry has different requirements for nitrogen purity of nitrogen generator, so the nitrogen purity index of nitrogen generator in each industry is also different. So how to choose it, the following small series of nitrogen machine to give the majority of users a simple introduction.

At present, the purity of bottled nitrogen on the market is generally 99%. The standard volume of a bottle of nitrogen under 12MPa pressure is 40 liters. In fact, each bottle is only about 5M3. For some customers who require higher purity, liquid nitrogen with high purity is selected. Generally, the purity of liquid nitrogen is 99.99%. But in the actual application, due to the different industries, the purity of nitrogen used will be different, and the PSA nitrogen generator can produce nitrogen with different purity according to the different needs of customers.

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