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Purification principle of air separation plant

2020-12-08 H:08:58

In order to ensure the normal process of air distillation and separation in low temperature zone, the air must be pre filtered, precooled and air purified in normal temperature zone.

There is a lot of dust in the air. In the long-term high-speed operation of air turbine compressor, dust will lead to wear, corrosion and scaling of impeller, blade and other parts inside the machine, and shorten the service life of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a raw air filter to remove dust in the air.

The temperature of the air compressed by the air turbine compressor rises to more than 80 degrees, resulting in the subsequent adsorption and heat transfer can not be carried out normally. The air pre cooling system can effectively reduce the air temperature entering the air separation unit.

In addition to a large amount of dust in the raw air, there are also hydrocarbons such as moisture, carbon dioxide, acetylene and so on. Most modern air separation plants use molecular sieve purification system to remove these impurities, so as to improve the cleanliness of the air entering the cold box and prevent the condensation of moisture and carbon dioxide from threatening the normal operation of the air separation unit. Therefore, gas filtration, precooling and purification equipment is an indispensable part of air separation equipment.

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