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Equipment characteristics of nitrogen generator

2021-08-14 H:43:55

(1) Nitrogen production is convenient and fast: high technology and unique air distribution device make the air flow distribution more uniform. The carbon sieve can effectively provide qualified nitrogen in about 20 minutes.

(2) Easy to use: compact equipment structure, complete machine skid mounted, small floor area, less investment and no infrastructure. Nitrogen can be manufactured by connecting a power supply on site.

(3) Pressure swing method is a simple, economical and energy-saving method for preparing nitrogen.

(4) It adopts Mechatronics design and fully automatic operation: imported PLC control, adjustable nitrogen flow purity and continuous display to realize unattended operation.

(5) Wide applications: protective gas is used in metal heat treatment process, nitrogen is used in chemical production process, nitrogen is used in various storage tanks, nitrogen is used for nitrogen filling and purification of pipelines, in the production process of rubber and plastic products, food industry is used for oxygen release and fresh-keeping packaging, beverage industry is used for purification of covering gas, and pharmaceutical industry is used for nitrogen and oxygen release of packaging containers, Electronic industry is used for shielding gas of electronic components. In the process of semiconductor production, the flow and pressure are stable and adjustable to meet the needs of different customers.

Air separation equipment manufacturer, air separation equipment manufacturing