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What are the requirements of nitrogen generator in the market?

2020-12-18 H:32:28

At present, the domestic market mainly chooses low-carbon molecular sieves, with an annual total demand of more than 2000 tons. With the continuous development of China's economy, industry planning, especially the continuous expansion of the industry scale, the demand level of carbon molecular sieve will be increased year by year. In recent years, the state has paid special attention to the nitrogen production capacity of coal mines and coal mine equipment, further expanding the domestic demand for carbon sieves.

According to the survey, since 2000, the average annual growth rate has exceeded 80%. The domestic market has a bright future. With the increasing complexity of pressure swing adsorption technology, nitrogen generator is used in more and more fields, and the international demand for carbon molecular sieve is also increasing. In recent years, developed countries such as Europe and the United States are required to grow steadily every year, domestic demand changes rapidly, and have annual growth index and breakeven measures. In 2009, the total international demand for carbon molecular sieves exceeded 100 million tons. According to the analysis of experts at home and abroad, the development trend of carbon molecular sieve is as follows:

1. The continuous expansion of PSA series nitrogen generator increases the demand for carbon molecular sieve, which will further develop the industry. In the next few years, it will change from a trivial industry to a well-known industry.

2. According to the progress of depth, carbon molecular sieve nitrogen production, nitrogen recovery, bulk density, compressive strength requirements are higher and higher, further improve the product performance indicators, make this industry return to the trend of this industry.

3. The cost of the whole equipment accounts for more than 70% due to the PSA of carbon molecular sieve for the main components of nitrogen. Therefore, reducing the cost will become an important condition to promote the development of the industry. In the future, the company will continue to explore the choice of new materials and new technologies, and strive to achieve a high level with low cost. Nitrogen equipment maintenance nitrogen equipment maintenance nitrogen equipment maintenance is very suitable nitrogen, mainly because its cohesive energy is very high, as long as high temperature and high pressure (> 500 ℃, > 100 bar) or increase energy, chemical reaction will be initiated, and at present, nitrogen must be produced.

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