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Production and application of nitrogen generator

2020-12-07 H:06:50

Equipment features:

(1) Nitrogen generation is convenient and fast

Advanced technology and unique air distributor make the air distribution more uniform. Carbon molecular sieve is used efficiently to provide qualified nitrogen in about 20 minutes.

(2) Easy to use:

The unit has compact structure, integral skid mounted, small land occupation, no infrastructure investment and less investment. The nitrogen can be produced by connecting the power supply on site.

(3) It is more economical than other nitrogen supply methods

Pressure swing adsorption process is a simple method of nitrogen production. Air is used as raw material, and its energy consumption is only the electric energy consumed by air compressor. It has the advantages of low operating cost, low energy consumption and high efficiency.

(4) Mechatronics design for automatic operation:

Imported PLC control automatic operation, nitrogen flow and pressure purity can be continuously adjusted display, can realize unattended.

(5) Wide range of application:

The protective gas in the process of metal heat treatment, the gas in chemical production and the nitrogen filling purification of various storage tanks and pipelines, the production gas of rubber and plastic products, the purification and covering gas of food and fresh-keeping packaging gas, the nitrogen filling purification of gas in pharmaceutical industry and various storage tanks and pipelines, the protective gas of electronic components and semiconductor production gas in electronic industry, etc. Pure, flow, pressure stable adjustable, to meet the needs of different customers.

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