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When is circulation suitable for large air separation equipment manufacturers in the start-up stage?

2021-04-26 H:25:59

At present, the large air separation equipment manufacturers, the cold insulation materials filled in the air separation equipment cold box are mostly pearlite. Pearlite is a kind of particle with minimal apparent density, which is easy to fly. It can invade the five functions, stimulate the throat, eyes, and even inhale the lung through the respiratory tract. So wear protective masks when working. The temperature of the air inlet accumulator during the hot blowing period should be fixed. However, due to the cold storage of the pipeline and switching valve during the cold blowing period, the temperature of the inlet air accumulator at the beginning of the hot blowing period is lower than that of the outlet end cooler (or nitrogen water precooler), and then it will gradually rise. Air separation equipment manufacturers will cause severe frostbite after contacting skin with low temperature liquid. Light skin produces blisters, swelling, pain; The heavy will freeze the internal organs and the bone and joints. Falling into your eyes can cause eye injury. Therefore, when discharging liquid, avoid direct contact with liquid by hand, and wear dry cotton gloves and protective glasses if necessary. In case of skin contact, wash with warm water immediately (below 45 ℃).

Observe the pressure change during the regeneration of the adsorber. Pressure indicates that the resistance of the adsorber increases or the inlet and outlet valve of the adsorber is not closed tightly. The reason should be found out and the heating time should be noted. The effect of heat source or the load increase of adsorber should be determined by lengthening the heating time; The temperature of the large air separation equipment manufacturer when the tower is down corresponds to the pressure of the lower tower; After the pressure of the upper tower drops, the temperature drops to the saturation temperature corresponding to the upper tower pressure, and makes some liquid gasified. Because the saturated temperature of tap water is 100 ℃ at atmospheric pressure, the general water is in the supercooling state which is lower than the saturation temperature, so the temperature of tap water is far lower than the saturation temperature corresponding to the water pressure. For pressurized water, the minimum pressure after throttling is atmospheric pressure, and it is still impossible to reach saturation, so gasification and temperature drop are not possible.

In the large air separation equipment manufacturers, the saturated steam will not increase again, that is, the gas content reaches the highest value. The partial pressure produced by the vapor molecules in the saturated content is called the saturated partial pressure. When the temperature rises and the energy of molecular motion increases, more molecules will enter the space away from the gravity of the liquid surface and become steam, which will make the evaporation process more serious. When the pressure is 0.59 MPa, the temperature of liquefaction begins to drop to -173 ℃. For medium pressure oxygen generator, the general working pressure is about 2.45 MPa, so when the air is cooled to -150 ℃, and lower than the temperature at which liquefaction begins, some liquid voids will appear. For the low pressure oxygen generator, the working pressure is about 0.59 MPa, so it is still in gas state, and it is cooled to -171 ℃ in the main heat exchanger, and the corresponding liquefaction temperature is not reached.

For the detection pipeline of large air separation equipment with wet gas as the test medium, the condensate removal device shall be set at the lowest point of the pipeline to prevent the liquid from accumulating in the pipeline; For the test pipeline with liquid test medium, when the pipeline and instrument are above the test point, vent valve shall be set at the highest point of the pipeline to prevent gas accumulation in the pipeline; The hydrogenation capacity of Sichuan large air separation equipment should increase the excess hydrogen by 1% according to the requirements of hydrogen oxygen complete reaction. The oxygen reaction in crude argon is more sufficient and the purity of refined argon is further improved. When the amount of hydrogen is up to the calculated value, the amount of hydrogen shall be added slowly.

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