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How to prevent the explosion of liquid oxygen pump in nitrogen generator

2020-12-14 H:57:55

1. Before starting the liquid oxygen pump for cooling, the blowing valve should be opened to make the nitrogen generator connect with room temperature nitrogen for the first time to blow labyrinth 10. On the one hand, oxygen drive is separated within 20 minutes to seal together and return to normal temperature distance;

2. If the pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator shakes or the outlet pressure does not rise, cavitation may occur. It is necessary to open the exhaust valve of the pump and continue to use the cooling liquid oxygen pump. The pressure is stable so that the pressure of the seal gas is less than 01005 of the seal gas, which is at 0101 MPa Higher pressure before;

3. In the sealed gas pipeline, first adjust the nitrogen generator to the corresponding pressure, and then open the inlet and outlet valves of the pump to cool the liquid oxygen into the pump. The seal gas pressure must be 0.105 MPa higher than the inlet pressure.

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