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How to deal with ash spray in nitrogen generator?

2020-12-17 H:21:53

The ash spraying phenomenon of nitrogen making equipment, also known as the pulverization of carbon molecular sieve, is caused by the insufficient pressure or looseness of carbon molecular sieve.

The structure defects of the adsorption tower are caused by the impact or equipment movement of the nitrogen generation equipment in the process of use, such as the pipeline desoldering of the adsorption tower, the outflow of carbon molecular sieve, the loosening and pulverization of carbon molecular sieve. Silencing materials generally have small particles, we need to see whether the particles are activated carbon or molecular sieve. Because activated carbon and zeolite are solid particles, the color is difficult to distinguish, but their particle shapes are different. If the jet is activated carbon, then the problem is not big, we can remove the activated carbon filter, remove the activated carbon inside, to see whether the activated carbon bottom screen is damaged, if there is damage, replace with a new stainless steel wire mesh, and then install the activated carbon, and the operation is OK. When the activated carbon is filled, the filter should be filled as much as possible, so as to prevent the activated carbon from colliding with each other under the action of air flow and producing dust. If the molecular sieve is ejected, it will be more troublesome to deal with, and the equipment needs to be overhauled after it is sent back to the factory.

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