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What are the complete PSA nitrogen generator?

2020-12-03 H:23:24

Pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator device:

Air compressor air purification system air buffer system oxygen nitrogen separation system nitrogen buffer balance system

1. Compressed air purification system: remove dust, water and oil from compressed air, which is composed of three-stage filter, freeze dryer and high-efficiency oil remover.

2. Air buffer system: composed of air tank and valve. To ensure the stable use of air in the oxygen nitrogen separation system.

3. Oxygen and nitrogen separation system: the core of nitrogen generation equipment, oxygen and nitrogen separation is realized by pressure swing adsorption technology to achieve the purpose of nitrogen production. It is composed of two adsorption towers equipped with carbon molecular sieve and automatic control valve.

4. Nitrogen buffer system: store nitrogen to ensure stable and continuous supply of nitrogen. It is composed of nitrogen buffer tank and valve.

5. Electrical control system: the control center of the equipment, mainly composed of PLC, circuit system, instruments and valves.

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