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Process control of nitrogen generator

2020-11-24 H:50:47

The working process of nitrogen generator mainly includes five processes: adsorption, regeneration, pressure equalizing, back blowing and boosting.

Medium pressure adsorption: since the pore size on the surface of carbon molecular sieve is almost the same as the diameter of oxygen molecule, under medium pressure, carbon molecular sieve will selectively adsorb oxygen in compressed air instead of nitrogen, so nitrogen will flow out from the top of adsorption tower to realize nitrogen production.

Atmospheric regeneration: in the case of rapid exhaust, carbon molecular sieve will release adsorbed oxygen, so that molecular sieve can be regenerated for next use.

Pressure equalizing of two towers: after the completion of the adsorption tower, within two seconds (the time can be set), the gas after the completion of the work is blown into the preparation work of the adsorption tower, so as to reduce the pressurization time, reduce the consumption of compressed air, and at the same time, the pressure change in the adsorption tower is small, the molecular sieve flushing is reduced, the pressure fatigue degree is reduced, and the gas production is increased.

Back flushing: there will be a small amount of nitrogen in the working tower to flush and vent the (regeneration) tower through the stop valve, so as to remove the remaining oxygen in the molecular sieve and make the molecular sieve regeneration in the regeneration tower more sufficient.

Nitrogen boosting: controlled by the combination of valves, the nitrogen in the nitrogen buffer tank is used to supplement nitrogen to the tower to be operated (adsorbed), so that the pressure in the adsorption tower rises rapidly, and at the same time, the required nitrogen can be produced in a short time to reduce the consumption of compressed air.

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