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How to operate the oxygen generator?

2020-09-22 H:45:19

Attention should be paid to safety in production and installation of air separation plant

1. The main engine is rotationally installed on the ground or on the wall and hung outdoors, with air flow filter installed;

2. Nail the plug plate of oxygen supply device on the wall or support according to the requirements, and then hang the oxygen supply device;

3. Connect the oxygen outlet of the oxygen supply pipe and connect the 12V power line of the oxygen supply device with the 12V power line of the host. If more than one oxygen supply device is connected in series, only one tee is added to fix the pipe with clasp;

4. Insert the 220 V power line of the host into the wall socket, and the oxygen supply red light will be on;

5. Please add pure water at the designated position of the humidifier cup. Then it is installed on the oxygen outlet of the oxygen supply device;

6. Please put the oxygen pipe on the oxygen outlet of the humidifying cup;

7. Press the start button of oxygen supply device, the green indicator light will be on, and the oxygen generator will start to work;

8. Adjust the flow rate to the required position according to the doctor's advice;

9. Hang up nasal cannula or wear oxygen mask according to the oxygen mask or nasal tube packing drawing.

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