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Common problems and solutions of PSA nitrogen generator

2020-09-22 H:15:18

Filtering phenomenon: the pointer of differential pressure gauge points to the red area (the differential pressure is too large). Results: if the formation pressure difference is too large, the adsorption pressure will be reduced, and finally the purity of nitrogen will be decreased. Treatment method: replace the corresponding filter element after shutdown.

Active blowdown valve (SMC) phenomenon: the blowdown outlet leaks air, the level of blowdown valve exceeds the limit level (max), and there is no blowdown. Results: some of the active blowdown valves in air pretreatment did not drain water, which led to poor water and oil removal effect, and finally affected the performance of molecular sieve. Treatment method: it can be replaced after cleaning. Note: in use, it is normal for the drain to leak a little.

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